Group Messaging for Busy Teams


It's what group messaging would look like if it were invented today.

New Topic. New Thread.

Stop getting lost in endless group chats. With Bello, each conversation you start has its own chat thread so discussions stay focused.

More than just messages.

Have discussions, send files, and share links with your team at the speed of light. Whether it's PDFs, pictures, or funny YouTube videos, we got you covered.

Home Feed

Getting an overview of all your messages has never been easier.

All in one place.

You don't have to check six different places to get up-to-date. All your conversations are in your home feed.

Polite Notifications.

Constant pings on your phone gets super annoying. Bello knows this, and won't disturb you unless it's relevant to you.


You decide how you want to work.

People or Groups. Or both.

No need to create a new group each time you want to start a conversation with multiple people. Just select the recipients and start writing.

Add People Any Time.

Suddenly realise you need to invite someone to the discussion. With Bello, you can add anyone to a conversation at any time.

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